lunedì 12 ottobre 2009

IRONMAN 70.3 PUTRAJAYA 2th (english version)

This is my report , in english , in ''honour'' of my mexican friend, professional triathlete, JANO SOTO , who said me in Malaysia : update your blog Dome !!!
So ok Jano i go...
I haven't yet some pictures about the race but i will try to describe it.
I arrived in Putrajaya after 25hours trip,in the beautiful PULLMAN hotel , so very tired,i take part at brefing and dinner after to go immediately to sleep!!
The day after i get up early to do a little training just to see the bike race and immediately had problem with my pression wheels but,fortunately,my friend J.S. helped me to do it!! ah ah
Pretty hot in this country but in my 70 km training i can see many beautiful palace,new hotel,office etc...anyway everythings is new and BIG!! Then we will explain me this will be the new KL in the future especially for state's business.Then little run , just 20 min , 5-10 min swim relaxing reading in the hotel swimming pool,and big dinner at buffet Pullman restaurant.


Get up in the morning at 5:30 am little bit sleepy,will be the same sensation in the water,with a light breakfast of oats,bread milk and protein.
The start in the water it's preatty bad for me,we start before age group in just 15-20 pro guys,including women,everyone with light skinsuits except me and Jan Rehula but he is a good swimmer!!!
So quiet,too quiet i get out the water around 4-5 min from Jan,Cameron Watt and Leon Griffin.
I understand immediately my very good condition on the bike,in fact i will stop the time in 2h04:10 Wow !! 90 km at 44 km/h avg!! best time and five min less of Jan.
I change in first position and i find good legs,feets and time on the run in the first 10km,then a nightmare!!! Maybe umidity,hot or jet lag show me another time,the bad face of triathlon. So ''looking for the road'' in my crises i wait km for km Jan rehula just about 1min behind me .
He arrive at the last 500mt my god!! but i have no strenght to react and i will finish second.
Congratulation at a great champion who did the experience the best weapon in this race i think,he managed his body in all race finishing with great,fresh legs on the run . After the race we becom great friend and i said to him to teach me about that!!!
Third a funny friend,the australian Cameron Watt,fourth Leon Griffin another big guy.
After the race a day rest and a little holiday in modern Kuala Lumpur for shopping!!

What i think about? A great experience,good race,well organized and hopeless ,with another positive result, to find a good team or sponsors who can help me in the future, i believe in!!. I can start in World Championship in Clearwater but like i said ,no sponsors no money no programs.

Sorry for my poor english!!

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