domenica 13 giugno 2010

Try to be an IRONMAN!!

So my first part of season is finished two weeks ago,after Trigrandprix Kent,and after
one full recovery week, i'm trying to find my way for the next target.
Like i said in the last post,i don't know so definitely what race i'll going to do but for
sure will be a long race...a full Ironman maybe.
In these days i started with new trainings,so long run of 30km,long bike ride and
some long main blocks in the water.
Really is not so funny like go fast on the bike or short swim session and some duathlons
but there is a strange contact- emotion so direct with your body who you really can
understand if you love these hard sports.Everythings is different around you because
the effort it's quiete easy so i can see also somethings i never seen before....but it's
strange and ridiculous because was just there...beside the road i went trough every day....
but i was too busy with my "job"to see what's happened around me.

When one years ago i started with triathlon many people said to me:you will need
some years to get some results in the best races and to take part at long races.
Yes....maybe...was my answer......after 2 months i was 5th at Alpe d'huez,my first
international and hard race.
So this point...after more than one year....more experience...a lot of results...
Why i can't try to be an Ironman?
I know will be hard...will be different because it's an hard long race but...i just wanna try...
then in september i will came back to get some results in the half...maybe in U.S....

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