martedì 23 marzo 2010

Ironman Singapore 70.3 ( english version )

Bad day! What i can add more,just a bad day.
I understood that the minutes before the start during warm up in the water.
Then i hoped could be better on the bike,my weapon,but there was no way i felt bad,i didn't find
my pace and i thought many time to retired.
I arrived at T2 very tired and bore,especially in the mind,i tryed to run but after 6-7 km
i stopped my leg at the aid station,around 1-2 minute,thinking... i don't really..but everythings
in just some moment,my training,the life and about this hard work.
Than an age groupers,at his first lap, passed me telling "come on guy you can do it!come on!
So he broke my thoughts but he inspired me too because i understood how much it's beautiful
this sport also when is bad with you and how many people do that just for fun and not for work. run..was just for myself.
I runned my last 14 km just with the mind and i tooked 4 position finished 6th.

So a bad day can also be a good day if you found something you missed.

About the result i hope will be better in the next race but i'm little bit happy now.

Bye Dome
(sorry for my poor english)

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